What is Paid to Wait?

"Investors are in the business of processing information." -Seth Klarman

Paid to Wait pursues to be a newsletter of ideas and research about stocks that pay a (healthy) dividend while you wait for capital appreciation.

There’s a defined but simple framework for the investment ideas.

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About the author

I have been investing in stocks actively from 2007. As a business school student I was waiting for the stocks to crash, which eventually happened. I went in a bit too early, but managed to have confidence to buy more and more stocks during the great financial crisis. And I have been mostly buying ever since and became a full-time investor in 2021.

My investment style can be characterized somewhere between value and contrarian. I emphazize dividends as a form of income and returns that an investor can enjoy by consumption or re-investment. It is difficult to sell a stock at a right time and that’s why I rather rely on dividends to safeguard decent returns.

Before turning to an full-time investor, I spent over a decade in different roles in building services industry (HVAC) in sales and marketing management and business development. That’s why I understand much more about tangible assets than about code. Holding a business degree in a highly technical field taught me to learn fast and simplify complex subjects in a compact form.

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and welcome as a subscriber!